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(mental illness story)

Mental health awareness in adults has been brought to the forefront of pop culture in the recent months,  with several celebrities coming forward to share their story. However, the same strides have not been made in the youth community.  Our youth battling mental illness face great challenges, as they often do not receive the necessary treatment or support. Mental illness awareness in our youth is greatly lacking, which creates a silent stigma and increases the rate of school dropouts, social isolation, and suicide. 

BeRemarkable collaborates with social media influencers and mental health advocates and uses various social efforts to gain a community of support from others with similar stories. #MIstory is an ongoing project surrounding young adults who suffer from mental illness.

#MIstory LA Workshop

April 27th + 28th, 2019

BeRemarkable #MIstory is a series of workshops for those 13-17 who battle mental illness personally, or have a loved one who is affected. Teachers, writers, psychologists, and mental health advocates/influencers work together with the youth to help them express their experiences in a creative, positive and safe environment via poetry, spoken word or classic storytelling.

Our vision is that through these workshops and by sharing our stories, children will gain the knowledge, courage and self acceptance to face their mental health head on and better manage their experiences. 


If you or anyone you know may be interested. Please apply here for our workshops!

#MIstory LIVE

November 3rd, 2019

At the end of the year, we produce a #MIstory LIVE event in Los Angeles. We invite a few of the children from past workshops, influencers, artists and advocates to share their story in front of a live audience - and stand up to stigma. It is a supportive and curated evening of story-telling, community, and music. 

Our 2018 #MIstory experience was a huge success. Yet we just hit the tip of the iceberg. With the continuation of #MIstory workshops and events, we can create a massive shift in the way children (and adults) perceive mental illness, and in the way that it is dealt with. 

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